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Guinea Pigs Online Homepage


Welcome to Guinea Pigs Online!

The paint is still fresh, and there's a lot of construction going on, but as time goes on you'll find more and more here. For now, look around, get comfortable, and enjoy exploring!

You may remember that this site originally appeared at CavyInfo.com; that site is still there (you may have even gotten here from that site), but now the Guinea Pigs Online Network will be available as three separate websites:

Guinea Pigs Online
Here you will find basic information for new guinea pig owners, information about The Guinea Pigs' Calendar, fun things and some nifty gift ideas for guinea pig lovers. Start your visit at the GPOL Homepage.

CavyInfo International
On this site, you'll find more detailed information about guinea pigs and their health.

This site is dedicated to organizations that rescue abused and abandoned guinea pigs. If you are looking for a guinea pig, you should check out this site and consider giving a second chance to a piggie that has had a rough start in life.