Welcome New Piggie Owners!
Hi, and welcome to the joys of piggie ownership! There is a lot of information available; I'll touch on some major issues, and point you towards some resources where you can find out more. Also, you may wish to sign up for the "PigPals" program at my friend Tammy's Cavy Madness site that pairs up experienced guinea pig owners with inexperienced ones on a one-on-one basis. That way, you'll get a "Pig Mentor" that can answer questions via email as you think of them (feel free to e-mail me with questions as well).
The most important things for new piggie owners to know about are housing and proper nutrition, as many health problems can be avoided by providing the best of both. There will be health concerns, however, so be sure and check the Health page for some advice on how to find a good guinea pig vet (if you don't have one already!) and some other topics.
Looking for the "Normal Conditions" from the Emergency Info page? Go here.